Q : Can I check my land details ?
Ans: Yes, It can be checked by entering the details like name of District, Tahasil and Village of the land schedule. Also, it can be checked through Khatiyan Number/Plot Number /Tenant Details.

Q: Can I check all my plot details ?
Ans : Yes. You can check all the plot details at RoR Back Page.

Q: Can I check tenant details and other details like rent and cess ?
Ans : Yes. You can check all the tenant and rent & cess details at RoR Front Page.

Q: Can I check my map ?
Ans : Yes. You can check your map details at the tab of “MapView”.

Q : Can I check all my details in vernacular language ?
Ans : Yes. All the details can be made available in Odia language, if you click “Odia” button on top right portion of the website.

Q: Whom can I contact, in case of any issues ?
Ans: You can click on “ContactUs” to get details of your concerned Tahasil office or office of Director of Land Records & Survey. Also, you can speak on PMU of Revenue & Disaster Management Department/DILRMP in case of any further issues.

Information Provided online is updated and no physical visit is required.

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