ORTPS Daily Bulletin
Date : 21-11-2019

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Sl No.Name of Public ServiceORTPS Time limitNo. of cases pending as on 20-11-2019 No. of cases instituted on 21-11-2019No. of cases for disposal No. of cases disposed on 21-11-2019 No. of cases pendingNo. of cases Pending beyond ORTPS time limit % of cases pending beyond ORTPS time limit
1 Disposal of uncontested mutation cases90 days330,0340330,0349330,025119,51536.21
2 Disposal of cases u/s 8 (A) of OLR Act60 days21,767021,767021,7677,08832.56
3 Partition of land on mutual agreement of all co-sharers u/s 19 (1) (C) of OLR Act180 days5,09105,09105,0914238.31